Wahlburgers Finished Illustration

Check out the city buses, kiosks, billboards, and subway posters and see the ads for the new season of A&E's Wahlburgers reality series, starring Mark, Donnie, brother Paul and Mother Wahlburg.


The portrait of the famous family was illustrated by Chris Notarile (illustrator and co-founder of Outlines Inc.) to kick off a "Family album" promotional campaign.

This marks the third time Outlines Inc has successfully transformed the conceptual sketch into a finished product for the creatives at A&E Network.

Recently, Outlines Inc. was commissioned to conceive and create five Harlequin Romance Novel covers to promote A&E's Donnie Loves Jenny reality series. Prior to that, A&E retained the services of Outlines Inc. to create a two page comic book treatment ad of A&E's Storage Wars for AM New York Magazine. The finished product won the Silver in Print at Creativity International Awards for A&E and Outlines Inc.