Graves on Epix



On every bus, kiosk and billboard, all around the town... You can see the ads for the Epix network's political comedy "Graves", starring Nick Nolte and Sela Ward. Outlines Inc. had a great time creating the art that the photo shoot was so tightly based on.

graves web.jpg



We, at Outlines, have been waiting for over a year to showcase this work. I am referring to the numerous visual concepts and shooting boards we produced for the History Channel's epic new series, Knightfall.

Outlines was awarded the work so early in the process, that there was no production still photography or film footage shot yet. Many of the first visuals we created were derived from Googling cast member likenesses, visual information on the Templar Knights, and time period. You would think the job would get easier once we got actual reference shots from the show.

Uhhhh... no.

The concepts got harder. The creatives at A&E networks are consummate professionals, dedicated to raising the bar. Here's a taste of one of our creative pow-wows:

Art Director: "We need to see an idea for a shooting board."

Chris at Outlines: "Ok, what do you have in mind?"

AD: "In one continuous motion, the camera will open on a lead character in one setting... push through a portal... into another setting... to reveal other characters in a pivotal scene from the storyline."

Chris: "Ok, no problem. How many frames?"

AD: "One."

You can't make this stuff up!

I now present the one frame of wonder! 


Here is more of the work that Outlines created for Knightfall:


Sometimes... It's More Than Just A Job

Chris and the Outlines Crew recently had the pleasure of completing a very unique job.

A proactive entrepreneur was looking for an illustrator to adapt his original character and storyline into a comic book format. The mission was to create a fun and entertaining way to inform the preschool to second grade target market about social awareness and climate change. After all... the children are our future. Outlines Inc. has been given permission to showcase the art we produced by the author of this groundbreaking comic book. 


Amazon's "The Tick"

And the fierce battle cry rings out over the sleeping city... SPOON! 

Yes! He is the Tick! And he's being rebooted in a new Amazon Original Series. Outlines Inc. could not have been happier to answer the call to duty and work up some promotional visuals for the show. 

The Comps That Did (And Didn't!) Make It

Sometimes you work on a project and it all clicks... the concept is on target, the visuals work, and wham! you've hit a home run. You've helped create an iconic image that will represent a particular film or television series for eternity (or for whatever passes for eternity in this "flavor of the minute" industry).

Then again, some comps are just passing thoughts. However, that doesn't mean the work is not noteworthy!

HBO's "Divorce"

HBO's "Divorce"

A&E's "Bate's Motel"

A&E's "Bate's Motel"

HBO's "Ballers"

HBO's "Ballers"

Warner Bros'. "The House"

Warner Bros'. "The House"