A&E Storage Wars comic wins Creativity International Award


Outlines is proud to announce that one of our clients, The A&E Network, is the Silver winner for print in the 42nd Annual Creativity International Awards. This was for the storage wars comic we illustrated and can be seen below. As always, it was our pleasure to create the art and work closely with our creative friends at A&E. Congrats A&E and thanks for your continued support!


The Protector



As a kid, I loved to draw. 

But when my uncle Vinny introduced me to comics… well, that was like feeding miracle grow to a plant. All the nutrients that were necessary to grow as an artist were right there on every page: Anatomy- Gesture-Facial Expressions- perspective. Wow! What a feast!

I came to realize that I was not alone in this experience, Practically everyone who draws started out in the same manner. So for those of you who have been nurtured by comics and continue to enjoy them as an art form, I would like to share a newly published comic book that I co-produced with my son Christopher. I am proud to say that it is his original character and story line as derived from a short film he wrote, shot, edited and produced through his own Blinky Productions. - Chris Notarile


The video below features The Protector’s debut on Nat Geo’s Documentary “Comic Store Heroes”. Find out how Chris from outlines Inc and Chris from our affiliate Blinky Productions created, produced and marketed their original comic book!